"At the WTO Secretariat we are frequent users of TLG. TLG’s advanced tools allow us to carry research into WTO law topics in an efficient and comprehensive manner."

Jorge Castro, Director, Legal Affiars Division


"I believe that the unique research tools in TradeLawGuide have proven invaluable to my students around the world, to colleagues from the WTO Secretariat, and to WTO delegates. It is an essential resource for understanding the complex and ever-expanding body of WTO case law."

Dr. Gabrielle Marceau, Senior Counselor in the WTO Legal Affairs Division, Associate Professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva, and Visiting Professor at the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Development


"TradeLawGuide is the best database that I have ever used for WTO research. The interface of the website is friendly and easy to use. By providing comprehensive interpretation of legal items through WTO case law together with precise citation of the DSB reports, it makes the research more efficient and interesting."

Dr. Wenjie QIAN, Partner,Chance Bridge Partners


" Trade Law Guide makes navigating through the WTO Panel Reports and Appellate Body Reports simpler, reliable and accurate. The most useful feature is the Annotated Agreements. It traces down the interpretation of each and every term or phrase. Further, it provides multiple ways of finding the relevant interpretations and thus reduces the amount of time that is otherwise spent on researching through several WTO reports."

S Seetharaman, Principal Partner & CEO Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan


"The comprehensiveness of TradeLawGuide has changed the way I research WTO law. TLG has tools that are not available anywhere else. For example, the Jurisprudence Citator determines whether a particular panel or AB Report has been cited, criticized, supported, explained or distinguished in subsequent decisions. The Terms & Phrases feature is a quick way to find the interpretation of particular a term, especially when such interpretation occurred in the context of different provisions. I use the Text Search tool to search for negotiating history. This is can be done by checking only on U.R. Negotiating History and choosing the relevant negotiating group (safeguards, TRIPS, services, etc.). When it comes to more traditional jurisprudence research, I rely on the Article Citator due to its ability to locate interpretations not only in the context of legal findings but also when issued as obiter dicta."

Alejandro Sanchez, Advisory Centre on WTO Law


"Trade Law Guide (TLG) is an important research tool for academics and practitioners who work with WTO law. While many materials are available on the WTO website, TLG offers efficient and effective tools for researching WTO jurisprudence, the texts of the WTO agreements, dispute settlement documents, and Uruguay Round negotiating documents. The Subject Navigator and the Jurisprudence Citator are unique research tools only available from TLG. Trade Law Guide is an invaluable research tool."

Marci Hoffman, Associate Director and International & Foreign Law Librarian, University of California, Berkeley


"TradeLawGuide is a comprehensive database with a powerful new type of search engine that searches across PDF files of official awards, decisions and other WTO documents and ‘notes up’ (that is, ‘shepardizes’ in American terms) WTO decisions by tracking how subsequent WTO reports, awards and decisions have considered specific passages in WTO jurisprudence. The database features a citator that collects all jurisprudence under a treaty provision for the WTO system. The search is powerful, contextual and time saving."

The Website Survey 2009 published in the Journal of International Economic Law, Volume 13, Number 1 (23 March 2010)